Bringing a plant into your home goes beyond the beautiful aesthetics.

My methodology on plants is based on providing the right environment for your plant to thrive so you, your plant + your space can be happy.

Trying to diagnose your plants using a search engine is confusing!

Is it underwatered or overwatered? Does it need more light, or is it getting too much? Pests?!

You don’t have to guess or go at it alone.
I’m here to support you!

I too have had struggles with plants, just like you.

After 4 years of caring for over 100 of my personal plants, I am confident in being able to
identify what a plant needs to thrive and I love sharing that with you!
My advise is trusted by over 50,000 social media followers.

How It Works

1-Schedule a call

Book a virtual consultation on a time and day that works for you

2-Identify plant issues

Discuss and show your specific questions and issues.

3-Start thriving with your plants

You will walk away with a detailed digital plan for your plant(s), follow my advice and get ready to start thriving.


Houseplant Consultation

25 minute virtual video call where we can discuss all your plant needs. Upon completion, you will receive digital personalized plan and recommendations to start thriving with your plants.

Plant Styling + Care

Whether a small business or your personal collection at home or your office. I will style the perfect foliage to fit your space and bring it to life. Routine or scheduled plant care and maintenance is also available!

My Specialties

Plant Health

Is your plant struggling or have care questions? I’m here for you! I’ll share everything you need to know to get your plants thriving.


Light is arguably the most important factor in houseplant care AND the hardest to understand. Don’t worry, I’m here to guide you through it and get your plants the light they need.

Eradicating Pests

Pests are inevitable, but I will share several things you can do to prevent them. Once you get them, I will tell you how to effectively eradicate them.

The truth about a green thumb is that it’s learned through success and failure.

Everyone can grow a green thumb, let me help you!

Not ready yet?

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Winter Houseplant Checklist

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